There have been four previous conferences in the Mites Asthma Domestic Design (MADD) series.

MADD1-3 (1993, 1994, 2000) brought together experts in mite biology, asthma epidemiology and those interested in housing and domestic design. These meetings were founded on the high international level of interest in mite allergens at this time and the expectation that reducing domestic mite exposure would provide an important public health benefit.

MADD1-3 were published as Proceedings with a mixture of papers from presentations made on the day and additional commissioned manuscripts which were relevant to the topics.  Pdf files from MADD1-3 are available from this website.

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MADD4 (2004) extended the scope to other environmental risk factors for asthma and was less formal as a meeting.

There were no Proceedings published from MADD4.

Files from MADD5 are available in the ‘Program’ section under ‘MADD5 files of talks’ tab.